About Lance Mosher

My name is Lance Mosher. I am many things. First, I am a bond-servant of Jesus Christ. I am also a husband, a father, and an author. But you’re here because I have a passion for creativity​.

I’ ve been a graphic designer since 2003. I try not to take myself as an artist too seriously. I bought my first camera in 2005, and I was mentored by my friend, Andrew. Like many people do, I thought I automatically became a great photographer when I had a professional-grade camera. I started with portraits and stuck with it for a long time. Exclusive portrait photography wore on me hard, and I left the entire art of photography for a few years. I got back into it in 2013, mainly dealing with landscapes and architecture, and it rekindled the fire inside. Now, I’m ready for any challenge!

I’m still learning and growing as an artist, and if you’re interested in working with me, be ready to learn and grow too!

Looking to book a shoot? Contact me first, then follow the links to book.